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White Star Super Maize Meal 5kg

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  • SKU: MKR0712
  • Brand: White Star
  • Type: Meali-meal
  • Availability: In Stock
  • White Star was launched in 1999 as the first super maize meal to be enriched with Vitamin A.
  • It's unrivalled quality has earned it premium status in South Africa’s maize meal market. 
  • White Star offers consumers exactly what they are looking for in a super maize meal:
  • it cooks quickly and easily, is always white, has a fluffy texture, tastes good and is a rich source of energy.
  • It also contains a host of nutrients, including Vitamin A, Folic Acid, Iron, four B-vitamins and Zinc.
  • White Star is incredibly versatile and challenges the perception that maize meal is only used in traditional, pap-based meals.
  • The product has proven to be a high quality ingredient suitable for many starters, main meals and desserts.