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Spekko Parboiled Rice 10kg

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  • SKU: MKR0672
  • Brand: Spekko
  • Type: Rice
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Parboiled rice is not pre-cooked rice. Both parboiled and white rice are milled and polished. However, parboiled rice is first soaked, steamed and dried before being de-husked. This steaming process allows the rice kernels to absorb nutrients from the husk, which might be lost if the rice is just de-husked and polished as with white rice. As a result, parboiled grains are also firmer and less sticky than normal white rice. Parboiled rice also takes a little longer to cook than white rice, but is in general more nutritious.
  • Spekko always cooks up loose, fluffy and delicious and proudly carries the low G.I logo, which is not normally the case for Parboiled rice.