Payment Options

Payment Options

Please note that ALL our prices are in US Dollars. This remains the case regardless of the payment method used.

We primarily take payments from VISA, MasterCard and Credit Cards.

You may also checkout using these payment offline options:

  • EcoCash.  Please contact us to get the USD:RTGS Exchange rate before you place your order as well as to get this payment option activated for you. When you checkout via EcoCash, our prices will still be in US Dollars. When you send us the payment, you need to first convert them to the RTGS equivalent of the USD order total.
  • Western Union. Please contact us to get our recipient's details and to have this payment option activated. 

You need to contact us first if you wish to pay via EcoCash or Western Union so that we can activate these options for you. We keep them switched off in order to prevent abuse – people place orders that they never pay for and we end up having to cancel the fake orders. If you do not own a credit card but have a family member or friend, why not give them the cash and you can use their card?