About Us

"The ultimate shopping destination for all Zimbos."

Victor Kadungure CEO

Our Story

Zimart is an online shopping platform. We enable our customers to buy groceries and various other products for door-step delivery anywhere in Zimbabwe. Most of our products come from South Africa. 

Value proposition

Our unique value proposition is that we enable Zimbabweans to buy South African groceries and other products from the comfort of their homes. Why travel all the way to South Africa, if you can get products delivered to your home or office, without ever crossing the border.
Let's face it, traveling to South Africa to shop is not easy:

  • Long queues at the border and sometimes harassment by Immigration/Customs officers
  • Risk of vehicle accidents due to bad road conditions
  • Risk of car hijacking  when you drive your own car in South Africa
  • Xenophobia inside of South Africa. Yes, it's real and it can be life-threatening!
  • Risk of theft - both your money and property can be targeted by marauding thieves
  • Extreme fatigue and exhaustion associated with the hectic experience of shopping in a foreign land.
  • Other risks to your life and limb paused by stupid donkeys grazing on the roadside or herds of cattle randomly crisscrossing the highway.

Why Buy From Us?

We mitigate all the risks outlined above for you. If you value your safety and those of your loved ones, let us do the heavy lifting for you. We have almost all products sold by your favorite South African Shops like PicknPay, Checkers, Game, Makro, Incredible Connection, Hi-fi Corp, Dischem Pharmacy, Clicks Pharmacy, Builder's Warehouse, Sports Warehouse, Ackermas, Edgers, Woolworth, and many more.